At Charbonnet Family Pharmacy, we understand that your pets are important members of your family, so we specialize in providing unique compounding solutions to animal medication problems.

A common problem with veterinary medications is compliance. Does your dog eat everything in his dish EXCEPT the pill the food was wrapped around? Does your kitty turn into a tiger when you try to give her an oral medication? We can compound medications in tasty flavors that your pet will enjoy, prepare medications in easy-to-administer dosage forms such as transdermal gels to be rubbed inside an animal’s ear, or combine several medications into a single convenient preparation. If a pet medication becomes unavailable or is discontinued, we can compound the needed medication using the finest chemicals and our special precision compounding equipment.

Our personal pet experiences and compassion, combined with ongoing education and expertise in veterinary compounding, set us apart.  We partner with you and your veterinarian to optimize patient care and are trained to think outside the box. We not only compound medications for dogs and cats, but birds, reptiles, and exotics as well.

We look forward to meeting the medication needs of the human and animal members of your family!

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